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. Finishing course

. Welcome video
plan types and sizes.
First session : Building works item
The second lecture: Building works item
The third lecture: Building works item.
Fourth lecture: Building works item.
Fifth lecture: Building works item is practical from the site.
. The first lecture: the plaster item
The second lecture: the plaster work item
The third lecture: Implementation and receipt of the plaster work item.
Fourth lecture: How to receive the plaster of the external facades.
Fifth lecture: Mona Blanco.
The first lecture: the plumbing work item.
The second lecture: the plumbing work item.
The third lecture: Implementation and receipt of the plumbing work item.
Fourth lecture: Drainage works and water tanks.
Fifth lecture: Problems and defects during the implementation of plumbing work.
The first lecture: the item of electrical works.
The second lecture: The second part of the specifications and raw materials of the electrical works item.
The third lecture: Implementation of the electrical works item
Fourth lecture: Implementation and receipt of electrical works
Fifth lecture: Receipt of the electrical works item.
Installation work item: gypsum board work
Installation works item: Suspended ceilings works
Item of installation work: Alumetal and UPVC
Installation work item: Cladding cardboard, GRC, GRG and GRP.
Fixtures work item: Crital iron.
Installation work item: glass bricks and CNC.
artificial stone works
Cement paint works for destinations.
The work of gypsum cornices.
Installation work item: Door, window and wooden cladding (first lecture)
Fixtures work item: door, window and wooden cladding (Second lecture)
Fixtures work item: Door and window (third lecture).
Installation work item: Painting wooden doors and windows (fourth and last lecture)
Cladding works: mosaic, porcelain and ceramic tiles
Cladding work item: inventory of tiles, ceramics and marble quantities
Cladding works: implementation and receipt of ceramics and porcelain
Cladding work item: problems and defects during the implementation of porcelain and ceramics
Cladding work item: the difference between marble, granite and korean.
Cladding works item: steps of implementing and receiving marble and granite
Cladding work item: mechanical marble, marble staircase installment method
Cladding works item: Marble basins and random marble
. HDF works
Item of installation works : wooden and parquet floors
Epoxy floors, tiles and Alcanaltex
Paint works item: item specifications and raw materials
. Paints work item: color theory
Painting works item: Executing and receiving painting worK . s
Painting works item: How to make . decorations and methods of calculating them
Painting work item: method of installing posters and wallpape .r
Landscaping and swimming pools works
(the third session: Cement insulation (from the practical site
diploma of Finishes, Marketing and Decoration and Saving
Important notes 1: Destinations and scaffolding.
Important notes 2 : during the implementation of the ceramic works item.
Important notes 3 : Restoration and strengthening of ceilings
The first session on the work of insulation.
The second session on insulation, cement insulation, foam insulation, foam concrete and glass wool.
closing session
4 important notes
Important notes 5
Air conditioning work item.
Important lectures 6 update.
Sixth session : My work on squaring and squaring from the site
Gypsum board renovation item (shadow gab and ceramic)
Sessoin Six: How to know the original wire from the damaged wire
The correct way to open a duplex slab
Lecture on wooden binding and track light (important lectures 7)